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Hey there, I'm Abbey!

Let's make you the main character with your new fabulous hair!

I'm a big believer in go hard or go home when it comes to your hair. Life is too short to be chained to one hair color forever!

When I was in high school, I was always that art nerd who would formulate paints like a mad scientist.

I thought "How cool would it be to make these gorgeous colors happen on someone's hair?" I loved to dabble in hair color as a teenager (Which was constantly getting me in trouble) I was eager to learn more about the chemistry side of it.

Then, in 2016 I made it a reality and graduated from Cosmetology school.

Painting rainbow hair is my absolute favorite service to do! It takes a lot of care and intention... A lot of stylists don't care for taking on huge projects. For me, the more of a challenge it is, the better. I can't wait to meet you soon and make some magic happen!

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