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Services & Pricing

Thank you for looking at my service menu! These are my most popular color services. If you don't see the service you need, it is likely on my booking app. 


My pricing structure uses labor + parts just as a mechanic, or plumber would.


These prices are before adding product at the end, which differs between clients. Usually you can expect anywhere between an extra $10-60 depending on how much hair you have.

Book your appointments on Wednesday and Thursday and enjoy 10% off. This applies to color services only.

Vivid Color Services

Vivid Color Transformation - $325+

This service is for completely changing the color of your hair from scratch. This service includes lightening and application of a vivid color as well as blow-dry/style.

Vivid Color Touch-up - $250+

This service is used when you need to only bleach the roots, or parts of the hair and not the whole head. A reapplication of vivid color is included along with a blow-dry/style. Select this service if you are touching up a vivid balayage as well.

Vivid Peekaboos or Halo- $150+

This technique is used when you want to just have a few pops of color, or just want to have the front of your hair & hairline vivid. You can book this when you just want parts of your hair a vivid in general.

(Add on haircut is $45 for all color services)

Dimensional Color Services


Book this service if you're looking for a low maintenance look. Balayage blends dark roots into a lighter color of choice. Comes with toner and blow-dry/style.

(Add on haircut is $45 for all color services)

Partial highlights add brightness to the top and sides of the hair, while leaving dimension in the back. Comes with toner and blow-dry/style.

All over color- $135+

Sweet and simple, this is described as one solid color from roots to ends. A blow-dry/style is included.

Root touch-up $85+

A color application on the roots only. A blow-dry/style is included.


Solid Colors

This specialty service is for those who want to be solid blonde all over, from roots to ends. We will foil every single piece of hair. This service includes a toner and a blow-dry/style.

Bleach retouch- $150+

A lightening application done only to the roots. Your new growth must be no more than an inch, otherwise it must be booked under color corrrection.This service includes a toner and a blow-dry/style.

(Add on haircut is $45 for all color services)

Full Highlights- $215+

Highlights are the perfect solution for wanting to be lighter all over while also blending your natural grays/roots. Comes with toner, and blow-dry/style.

Partial Highlights/Balayage-$165+

Hairline Highlight- $125

Commonly known as "the money piece" this technique brightens up the front hairline with a few highlights. Comes with toner, and blow-dry/style.

Platinum Card $350+

Haircut Shampoo & Style $65

Dry cut & style- $45

Blowout- $45

Olaplex no. 2 treatment- $15

A bond repairing treatment for damaged hair. This is the standard in salon treatment. It's great for sealing in color and makes the hair more managable

Olaplex 4 in 1 treatment- $25

This is the top tier in salon treatment. The Olaplex 4 in 1 is recommended for the most damaged hair types. It has more intense repair capabilities than the Olaplex no. 2

Haircuts, Styling & Treatments

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